Online Coaching with Chris Lopez – July 2022

If you are a GENTLEMAN, over the age of 35, who is seriously interested in working directly with me over the next 16-weeks to devise, implement and execute a customized plan to help you get the best shape of your life, then please continue to read…

hey, it's Chris Lopez.

Once or twice per year, I open up my coaching roster to take on new online coaching clients.

I like to maintain a roster of 10-12 men that I work with exclusively to help them get in the best shape of their lives through improved nutrition, specific training strategies and building lifelong habits that will carry them forward long after our coaching relationship has finished.

So if you’re a man that wants to…

[+] Get the LEAN, ATHLETIC “look” by putting on visible, measurable, functional, muscle mass (think: Brad Pitt in Fight Club or Ryan Reynolds in Blade… that kind physique, NOT the puffy bodybuilder look)

[+] Experience faster, more sustainable fat loss (a 1-2lb per week loss is realistic, more than that and you risk losing muscle as well)

[+] Optimize your Testosterone levels… NATURALLY Testosterone production in men starts declining after the age of 35… sooner if you're out of shape already. There are NATURAL training, nutritional and supplemental strategies that I use with my clients to fix this. And it won't cost you tens of thousands of dollars in HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) to do it.

[+] Hit AT LEAST one strength/performance goal/PR, either in pressing, snatching, pull ups, double front squats, clean & presses, LCCJs, etc.

[+] Master the fundamental kettlebell lifts (both single & double KBs), so you can train more efficiently, effectively, and safely in the comfort of your own home. And learn how kettlebells can be the only tool you'll ever need to stay in shape for life.

[+] Learn to how to EAT, TRAIN and LIVE in a way that actually makes sense, is sustainable, and highly effective without interfering with your relationships, social time or time with your family (ie you won’t have to cook separate meals or just eat salad while your wife and kids enjoy spaghetti).

… then working with me one-on-one might be for you.

KNOW THIS: Coaching with me is no joke and I take it very seriously…you should too.

Before we go any further with the application below, here are the non-negotiables I expect of every coaching client.

Please understand: I’ve been coaching people since 2001 and I get results for my clients consistently and repeatedly because I have a process and a system that builds habits and focuses on what actually works, without confusion or guesswork. This requires a clear commitment on the end of client and coach.

As my client, you must COMMIT to…

✅ Weekly weigh ins and progress pics.

✅ Weekly food and training journal.

✅ Bi-Weekly check-in calls via Zoom or Facetime.
Non-negotiable. It's important that you and I chat every couple of weeks to make sure you're making progress and that we stay on the same page.

✅ DAILY tracking
I have a tracking spreadsheet that I use with all my clients. You must track specific metrics – sleep, protein, water, etc – everyday. It’s simple… you’re just entering numbers or a simple “Y” or “N”.

✅ FULL commitment to the training plan I design for you.
This means NO unapproved tweaks or modifications. I.E. If you add more stuff, then you’re not doing my program and therefore I cannot guarantee results.

✅ FULL commitment to the nutrition plan I design for you.
Same stipulations as above.

✅ The ability to train at least 3 days/week, for 30 – 45 minutes per session.

I also have 2 very important expectations if we work together…

You must be open & receptive to criticism.

Coaching isn’t about me telling you how smart and handsome you are. It’s about making YOU better. If I come off as critical, it’s because I care.

You must be able to FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS.

I can’t emphasize this enough. It is a complete waste of time (for both of us) to enrol in a coaching program if you aren’t going to follow EXACTLY the program and nutrition plan as I design for you.

Other than that, coaching is really like jumping ahead in line at a theme park.

You can get to the MAIN ATTRACTION (the physique & healthy lifestyle you want) sooner if you bypass the line, not having to wait forever to get to where you want to be (ie. the goals you want to achieve).

“How do you figure, Chris?”

Well, sir, not only will I personally design your training protocol…

…but I’ll guide you along the way, providing feedback on your technique, training logs, nutrition journal, lifestyle habits and choices and more.

Coaching is like running behind a blocker as you get to the end zone.

Not exactly what I mean, but you get the idea.

I'll remove and plough through the contradicting information and uncertainty with this whole fitness thing and lay out a clear, effective and PERSONALIZED plan of attack, and help you to see it through.

You will be held accountable and because of that, you’ll accomplish impressive things.

My coaching style and programming is also minimalist, and (because it’s online) accessible wherever you live. So long as you’re willing to put in the work, distance is not an issue.

Most of my clients just use a single kettlebell and their bodyweight and still get incredible results!

And the best part…

Because I’m reaching out looking for qualified candidates, I’m knocking the normal price of coaching down a bit (meaning you'll get a slight discount if you're accepted).

This discount is ONLY for July 2022 and only until I fill my roster.

That said, coaching is still an investment (i.e. not “cheap”; you are working 1-on-1 with me, after all), so please apply ONLY if you're serious.

This is not to be rude… I am just setting expectations so that nobody is wasting their time.

If you are serious, the first step is to fill in the application so we can schedule an initial discovery call.

The discovery call is no guarantee of becoming a coaching client.

Honestly, we shouldn’t rush into a commitment like this. We need to have a conversation first to see if we’re a good fit working together.

It’ll be fun… and I love meeting my subscribers “in-person”.

Finally – but most importantly – online coaching is directly with ME… Not a subordinate, bot or software program. Because of this, spots are limited and the opportunities like these are seldom.

So, if coaching is something you’ve been wanting to do, there likely won’t be another opportunity like this for a while (the last time I ran this program was at the end of last summer 2021 and it sold out in 2 days)

…Meaning now’s the time.

Looking forward to chatting!

– Coach Chris