My New Program, “ReCOMP” vs Visual Impact Kettelbells

OK, so today let's answer the BIG QUESTION…

What's the difference between ReCOMP and VIKB?

There are 2 major differences…

Watch the video below to learn what they are…

You can also watch the video on

But in case you want the quick and dirty version, here you go…

1. ReCOMP is more INTENSE.

Intensity can be measured several different ways, but the 2 most common in our context are…

a) doing more work (ie more reps/sets) in the same amount of time. This is also known as density.


b) using a heavier weight

ReCOMP incorporates BOTH – you get to choose.

The major reason why it's more intense is because this is a SUMMER PROGRAM. And summer programs call for more intensity because of the way your body processes carbohydrates during the sunnier, warmer months.

I elaborate on this more in the video.

2. ReCOMP is more advanced.

In VIKB I taught you the “Big 6” kettlebell exercises…

  • Swing
  • Squat
  • Clean
  • Press
  • Snatch
  • Get Up

These 6 exercises are the foundational kettlebell exercises.

But in ReCOMP we get a little more involved with more coordinated movements.

You already know that one of them is the Single Arm Clean & Jerk…

…but even before that, you have to master a couple of things before you graduate to LCCJs.

So in ReCOMP I take you a little deeper down the kettlebell rabbit hole.

There is actually ANOTHER MAJOR DIFFERENCE between VIKB and ReCOMP…

But it deserves its own email & video.

So I'll talk about that in my next email to you.

As always, if you have any questions, let me know.

For now, go watch the video!

Happy Friday!



Just a reminder that my new ReCOMP program goes LIVE next week…

ReCOMP is a Single Kettlebell Program designed to burn fat while strategically adding lean, dense muscle.

ReCOMP uses my “Minimalist Program Design” style to give you the most effective, results-driven workout with minimal time commitment.

That way you can have time to enjoy your summer and not be a prisoner to long workouts.

Here's to your summer!

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  • Philip Giocondi Jul 24, 2022 @ 12:23

    I’ve been using Kettlebells on and off even since they were introduced to the U.S. by Pavel – However due to artificial hips I have not been able to do the Get-Ups. Would the ReComp program be recommended?
    My favorite exercise is the snatch, however due to the heat I ripped a few calluses hence I’m relegated to the swing until I heal.

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