inTENSIONal Women’s Only Group Coaching

What is the inTENSIONal Women’s Only Group Coaching Curriculum?

We are going to use a “Hub and Spoke” Protocol for your training…

The “hub” – the foundation – for your training is STRENGTH.

As I’ve stated before, strength is the rock upon which all other physical qualities are built.

So over the 16-weeks, our foundation will be to make you STRONGER.

So everything you do…

  • every workout
  • every mobility session
  • every primal movement reset

…will be based on supporting your ability to get stronger.

Within that time, we’ve broken the 16-Weeks up into “mini-phases” with different foci.

Weeks 1-4: The Metabolic Reset…

As I said in a previous email, we are going to use the holiday season to improve and repair your metabolism. If you've been under eating for longer than 6 weeks; if you “diet” and then binge; if you always “start again on Monday”; then you'll love the freedom that you'll feel during these 4 weeks.

Weeks 5-8: High Tension Fat Loss…

During these 4 weeks we will dial up the tension and show you how to get lean WHILE getting stronger. You'll be amazed at the simplicity and ease of these workouts.

Weeks 9-12: Strategic Hypertrophy…

This phase will focus on accumulating volume while you use your new found strength to push the upper limits of tension.

Weeks 13-16: Hybrid Density…

Here's where we fine tune your strength gains and work to fine tune your physique. You'll notice significant strength gains in your chosen lifts. Want to to finally get that pull up? Ready to bang out a max set of perfect push-ups? This is where we put it all together.

What Does inTENSIONal include?

Weekly Structured Training Sessions: Minimalist bodyweight & kettlebell strength sessions based on StrongFirst Plan Strong, Built Strong and Strong Endurance Principles. I've taken my 20 years of strength & conditioning experience and the work I've put in learning from the the StrongFirst organization, in addition to education form women's experts like Dr. Stacy Sims, Dr. Gabrielle Lyon and Dr. Rhonda Patrick and developed a program specific to women in the peri and post-menopausal phases of life.

Personalized Coaching Guidance: Rozanne and I will be your guides, offering tailored advice to make every aspect of the program effective for YOU. Your journey is unique… so our guidance will be personal to you.

Professional Technique Fine-Tuning: We are sticklers for technique and skill refinement… and remember, STRENGTH is a SKILL! So we’ll be there personally guiding you ensuring each exercise is performed to its fullest potential, reducing injury risks, and enhancing results – all through easy-to-follow video submissions.

SPECIAL: Peri & Post-Menopausal Women's Workshop with Rozanne: Every 2 weeks Rozanne will present her curated research and findings on training, nutrition & lifestyle considerations for peri & post-menopausal women. This will be simple “do this now” advice that will make a huge difference in how you feel.

Bi-Weekly Progress Group Check-Ins via Zoom: Every other week we will meet on Zoom to check-in and answer any of your training, nutrition or lifestyle questions that pertain to the program.

Ladies-Only (and Chris) Community and Support: Benefit from a focused environment for community, accountability, and motivational support. We’ve created a PRIVATE distraction-free community on Circle (it’s like Facebook without the ads and the Big Brother creepiness) where everyone's committed to pushing each other towards getting stronger.

When Does inTENSIONal Begin?

Official Start: This cohort of group coaching begins on Sunday, December 10th with our first call… which is actually Rozanne's first presentation.

Start NOW with the inTENSIONal Protocol: For those ready to START NOW (because, why not START NOW?), registration grants you access to Rozanne’s Peri & Post-Menopausal Strength Workshop.

This is a series of calls/presentations with Rozanne to go over the what, why and HOWs of training if you’re in the Peri or Post-Menopausal phase of life.

These presentations are ESSENTIAL to your success in this program as a woman.

Don't worry, if you miss any of the presentations, they'll be recorded and available for you to go through.

But here's the BEST thing about inTENSIONal…

For context…

Private 1-on-1 Coaching with me (Chris)… By comparison, private 1-on-1 online coaching with me is currently $750/month with a minimum 4-month commitment (It ain’t cheap, I know.)

Standard Group Coaching Rate… I just ran a Group coaching program for men and that went for $177/month or $699 for the full 16 weeks.

YOUR inTENSIONal Women's ONLY Group Coaching Rate… Register TODAY, and group coaching is just $349 or $99/month (again for ALL 16 weeks – a massive discount).

Remember, you’ll be part of the FIRST ever cohort of inTENSIONal, so we want to reward you for trusting us and putting yourself out there.

That's a pretty good deal (I'm trying to tone down the hyperbole here).

Please understand though, the discounted pricing applies only to those who take advantage of this FIRST COHORT deal.

Future cohorts will be priced much higher (closer to the regular group coaching price).

So please, get in now!

The Next Cohort of inTENSIONal
Opens Monday, April 15th!

Looking forward to having you on board!

Chris & Rozanne


Why Should You Join the inTENSIONal Women's Only Online Coaching Group?

The main reasons people join group coaching are as follows.

They want:

  • A crystal-clear fitness roadmap for TRUE physical transformation (some people have lost up to 30lbs of fat and fluid!)…
  • Sustainable habits and practices for LONG TERM success…
  • Unbeatable ACCOUNTABILITY, community, and inspiration…
  • MASTERY over exercise technique (kettlebells especially)…
  • Hugely increased body confidence and mental clarity…

Of course, there are MANY other benefits as well, but at this point, I think you should just get signed up : )

The inTENSIONal Group Coaching Program is going to be amazing, and the cost is TRULY unbeatable.

Save TODAY by Registering for this first cohort of inTENSIONal Women's Only Group Coaching Today!

The Next Cohort of inTENSIONal
Opens Monday, April 15th!

Please remember… Group coaching is first come, first serve, and spots really are limited.

Secure your spot right away!