Strong Healthy Shoulders: Mould, Mobilize, Activate

One of the opportunities that I've noticed amongst all of my clients is the ability to safely put your arm overhead without restriction.

This is HUGELY important if you want to train any overhead exercise like snatches, presses or jerks.

So before you go overhead, I've created this 3 step guide to allow you to safely press

Take this test and then follow the steps below to improve your shoulder health mobility…

Step 0 – TEST

Can you put your arm over your head without arching your back?

Can you do it safely without strain?

Take this test to find out.

Step 1 – Mould

Your muscles are best “reshaped” when they are pliable & supple.

Before we create length & range of motion we have to prep the tissues to be malleable… like kneading dough before baking.

Follow this routine to make that happen.

Step 2 – Mobilize

Now that we've made the muscles a little more pliable, we can start to create length and improve range of motion.

This is one of the best stretches/mobilizations that you can do to be able to snatch safely while keeping your cylinder in tact.

Step 3 – Activate

Length & range of motion has now been improved, so now we want to activate all the little muscles involved in stabilizing the shoulder so that our body knows what to do when we have an implement overhead.

Follow this simple mini-band routine to get your rotator cuff, lats and postural muscles firing so that you shoulders stay safe.

So What's Next?

After you can safely and freely raise your arms overhead without restriction, the next step is work on loading the overhead pattern gently and groove the pattern into your nervous system.

The best way to do that are with the following exercises…

The Hollow Hang

The Hollow Hang teaches you to to affix your arms in a straight vertical alignment while you maintain your cylinder.

The active contraction of your abs & glutes put your pelvis & ribcage in proper alignment while your lats are firing to stabilize your shoulders.

Do 3-5 holds of 30s each.

Kettlebell Get Ups

The Get Up teaches you how to stabilize a vertical arm at multiple angles.

This is one of the best ways to build strong, resilient shoulders.

I have all of my clients do a SINGLE GET UP (1L/1R) everyday with a kettlebell that they feel comfortable supporting with a vertical arm.

If you do this everyday and gradually increase the weight every few weeks, you'll be surprised how great your shoulders will feel and how strong you'll become.

Keep in mind that if you do this EVERYDAY, all you'll need to do is 1 rep per side.

Make it habit, like brushing your teeth.

It'll take 2 minutes, you won't need to “warm up” (keep the weight manageable) and you'll be developing & solidifying a movement pattern that you'll use for the rest of your life (getting up off the floor unassisted).

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