This ONE EXERCISE Develops These 3 Physical Qualities That Will Allow You To Live Longer, Feel Younger and Be More Athletic
Learn It. Do It. And Become Harder To Kill.

Learning, Practicing and Training the KETTLEBELL SNATCH will takes care of the majority of physical ailments when it comes to longevity.

The kettlebell snatch is the PINNACLE of Anti-Aging Exercises.

So if you're NOT snatching yet, you should be.

That's a bold claim, but hear me out.

There are 3 primary physical factors that YOU can control that are directly correlated with longevity (ie staying young and living a good quality of life).

Thos 3 factors are…

  • strength (specifically grip strength)
  • Muscle Mass (the building & retention of it)
  • VO2 Max (or Cardiovascular health)

When you train with the kettlebell snatch (and do it correctly), you will develop all 3 qualities at the same time.

Snatching a kettlebell for reps will make you stronger because of the demand that snatching puts on your entire body.
A snatch is a hinge, pull and push all rolled into one exercise.

This means that you will train your…

  • shoulders
  • back/lats
  • abs
  • glutes
  • hamstrings
  • quads
  • biceps & triceps
  • forearms

Additionally, snatches train your grip (because you have to hold onto the kettlebell).

Grip strength has been directly correlated to longevity.

Strong grip = Long Life

In saying all of that, it should be obvious that a good dose of snatch programming will put some muscle on your body as well… just look at all the muscle groups that are trained when you snatch.

But not just ANY muscle… but the RIGHT kind of muscle.

I am of course talking about fast twitch muscle… the muscle responsible for explosive movement – sprinting, jumping, throwing, etc.

As we get older, our body selectively chooses to atrophy/degrade our fast twitch muscle (this is called sarcopenia).

By training our fast twitch muscle with snatches we're ensuring that we hold onto to those fast twitch muscle fibres. We're basically telling our body, “hold on, we need these”.

Use it or lose it.

Finally, snatches will help improve your cardiovascular system…
…which will indirectly help improve your VO2 Max (another marker for longevity).

A steady dose of sub-maximal reps of powerful & crisp KB Snatches done on the minute will gradually increase your heart rate until you hit a nice steady pace.

From there, as long as you stay snappy & powerful with each rep, you'll start to develop a meditative flow within your session… you'll essentially get a “runner's high” without the pounding on your joints and the shin splints.

Now don't get me wrong…

I don't have it in my head that you can't train those physical qualities with other exercises or other modalities.

But when it comes to doing something that's efficient and that checks as many boxes as possible, I'm not sure that there is anything better than snatching a kettlebell.

So please, learn how to snatch.

Because once you start snatching, I can guarantee you that you'll start feel younger, more athletic and powerful…

…and after a few months of proper programming, your body will start to change too.

My new program DELTA combines Snatches, Rucking and Bodyweight Bodybuilding for the ultimate training effect.