PoLoS – Power Longevity Sessions

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Power Longevity Sessions are explosive sessions where you must focus on Maximum Power Output when you are working.

These sessions are based on the Anti-Glycolytic Training protocols from StrongFirst's Strong Endurance methodology.

When you train and “feel the burn”, you are reaching glycolysis. During glycolysis your body produces acid (in the form of hydrogen ions or H+) that accumulates in the blood stream.

These H+ ions interfere with and drastically reduce your muscle's ability to contract (explosively) and thus limits your power output.

This is the basis behind HIIT (high intensity interval training) workouts… and is exactly what we want to avoid.

**Over the longterm, consistently & chronically performing acid inducing sessions can and will degrade your health and make you age faster.**

Instead of HIIT, then, we focus on HIRT – Hight Intensity REPEAT Training.

The objective of HIRT is to REPEAT the max effort/power effort for every rep on every set.

This will allow us to train our Fast Twitch Muscle Fibres while avoiding fatigue & acid burn – which is much healthier over the longterm.

With our PoLo Sessions, we are working to both…
– train explosively using low reps with a medium-heavy weight
– avoid the acid burn

PoLo Sessions – provided you adhere to your Power Drop Indicators (below) – will leave you feeling FRESH, energetic and ready to conquer the world!


Training must GIVE you more than it takes from you.

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