IV – Protocol:
PoLoS – Single Clean & Jerk

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The Single Arm Clean & Jerk is an Advanced Kettlebell Drill.

Weight Requirement: Please use a kettlebell that you can Clean & Jerk for 6-12 reps (a 6-12RM).

During Week 0 or before you do your first session, TEST your Rep Max with that kettlebell on your NON-DOMINANT Arm.

Record that number.

Then, rest for 5-6 minutes and ***REPEAT*** that number on your DOMINANT SIDE. Do not “test” on the dominant side as we want to create symmetry in the body.

The 1A C+J Protocol

Every C+J session will be 30 minutes in length and reps will be performed every 30 seconds as follows…
– LEFT side reps @ :00 (at the top of the minute)
– RIGHT side reps @ :30 (at the bottom of the minute)

In your first session you will perform ONE Clean + Jerk, every 30s.

For example…
– 00:00 – LEFT;
– 00:30 – RIGHT;
– 01:00 – LEFT;
– 01:30 – RIGHT
– etc

5 seconds before every set, check your PDIs

For example…

If your heart rate is **below** your Max Recovery Heart Rate (mRHR), perform another set.

If your heart rate is **above** your Max Recovery Heart Rate, STOP the session (record your time, and live to fight another day).

How to Progress…

There will come a time when you will be able to complete the full 30 minutes keeping yourself below your mRHR before every set and NOT hit any PDIs.

When you achieve that, perform TWO MORE 30 minute sessions (Clean + Jerk) to solidify your gains.

After you have completed the 3rd 30 minute session of “C+J“, add another Jerk – “Clean, Jerk, Jerk” or “C+(Jx2)” or “C+J+J”.

Repeat the process training Clean + (Jerk x 2).

IMPORTANT: At whatever point in your session when you cannot complete C+(Jx2) (ie when your mRHR is not dropping below your threshold or you hit any other PDIs), finish the remainder of the 30 minute session going back to C+J (ie drop the 2nd jerk and go back to C+J to finish off the remainder of the 30 minute session).

For example…

Let’s say after 7 sessions I can complete “C+J” in 30 minutes. Session 8 and session 9 I will complete 30 minutes of “C+J” to solidify my gains.

Then on Session 10, I will start C+J+J (Clean, Jerk, Jerk). My heart rate climbs above my mRHR after set 12 of C+J+J, so for sets 13-30 I will drop a jerk and continue with C+J only for the remainder of the 30 minutes.

In session 11, I start with C+J+J and complete 18 sets until my mRHR does not comply, so I will finish the remaining 12 sets with C+J completing my 30 minutes.

I will continue this pattern until I reach 30 minutes of C+J+J and then I will add another Clean (C+J x 2).


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