III – Protocol:
PoLos – Snatch

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The Snatch PoLo is based off a number you achieve in your Anaerobic Threshold Snatch Test.

This test was devised to determine at what point your body is about to produce “lactic acid”.

Remember, we want to AVOID the production of lactate (and thus avoid the burning sensation from the Hydrogen Ion bi-product).

Here is how you determine how many snatches to do during your PoLoS.

Step 1 – Anaerobic Threshold Snatch Test

Select a Kettlebell that you believe you can snatch with perfect, crisp technique. Choose a kettlebell that isn't too heavy, but not too light either.

For most men, this would be a 16kg or 20kg. If you are strong and have a lot of experience with kettlebell training, choose a 24kg.

**The AnT Test**

Do your sets OTM (“on the minute”), alternating arms every minute.

Use an “explosive, but relaxed” technique – about 50% effort on your sets. E.g.

minute one 5L, minute two 5R, etc.

For the first 5min do sets of 5, for the next 5min sets of 6, then sets of 7 reps, etc.

Walk around and shake out the tension between sets.

**PDI – The “Talk Test”**

Speak several short sentences right before each set (when the timer shows ~50sec)… recite a verse of your favourite poem or lyrics of your favourite rap verse.

At some rep count you will reach the point when you are no longer able to do it (speak in complete sentences).

Stop and note the rep number, the estimated AnT rep count.

Below is a sample test. You may finish at a different rep count.

Step 2 – The PoLo Snatch Protocol

For your training, you will be snatching TWICE PER WEEK for 30min doing “***AnT-2 reps***” On The Minute (OTM).

For example, if during your AnT test you failed the Talk Test at 10 reps (above), then do sets of 8… this would be your ***”AnT-2″*** rep number.

  • Set your timer for 30 minutes and perform one set per minute
  • That is Minute 1 – LEFT; Minute 2 – RIGHT; Minute 3 – LEFT, etc

– If you find that you are unable to pass the talk test at some point in the session or your muscles start burning – *regardless if you make it to 20mins or not* – drop your rep count to “AnT-3 reps” and finish off the 20 minutes

– Once you are able to complete the full 20-minutes by passing the Talk Test and/or not hitting any PDIs, perform 2 more sessions at the same rep count to solidify your gains.

– Then start the protocol again at “AnT-1 reps”

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