II – Protocol (Beginner):
Power Swings + Power Push-Ups

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PoLoS – Power Swing + Power Push Ups (2x per week, 30min Sessions)

Please use a 24, 28 or 32kg kettlebell for your swings.

**_In this session you will alternate sets of 10 EXPLOSIVE 2-Arm kettlebell swings with 10 EXPLOSIVE Push Ups._**

– You will be performing “clusters” of 3 minutes.
– Swings start at 00:00
– Push Ups start at 01:30
– Start your timer counting down at 30 minutes.
– Therefore there are 10 x 3 minute clusters in a session
– Perform 10 explosive swings and rest the remainder of the 90s cluster.
– ie Your timer started at 00:00, you swing your 10 explosive reps, then rest until 01:30
– At the 01:30 mark, perform 10 explosive push-ups and rest the remainder of the 90s cluster.
– During your rest periods between Swings & Push Ups, perform “Fast & Loose” drills, shake things out, shadow box, stay loose
– Do NOT sit down between sets.
– Do NOT check your phone (checking your timer is fine, checking social media or email is NOT).
– Continue alternating Swings & Push Ups every minute on the minute.

It is IMPORTANT to remain explosive as we are training our creatine phosphate system for POWER.

You have TWO “Power Drop Indicators” (PDIs) for this session…

1. At some point again, you won’t drop below your mRHR threshold. When that happens, immediately drop your reps to 5 each to finish off the 30 minutes.
2. If you are unable to complete a set of 10 – Swings or Push-Ups – in less than 20 seconds, it is time to drop to 5 reps.

You will definitely feel like you can do more with these sessions… Please DON’T.

Just follow the guidelines as outlined and stick to the PDIs.

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