I‘m Chris Lopez: a coach, entrepreneur, father, husband, athlete, teacher and student.

In 2015 my wife and I sold 90% of our belongings (including our house in Toronto), packed up our 5 kids and moved to the jungle on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica.  We now live a simpler life away from the hustle and stress of the city in an off-grid shipping container home that runs on solar power and rain catchment as a water source.

That being said, this site isn't about sustainability or my life living in a secluded jungle in the middle of nowhere.

This site serves as a personal home base where I can write and create content about things that interest me – fitness, longevity, parenting & fatherhood, sports, culture, fashion & music.

Drop me a line and I can tell you about my favourite espresso shop in Toronto, or we can geek out over 90s Hip Hop or come visit me in Costa Rica and I'll show you the community project I started to help build awesome beach volleyball athletes in the Caribbean.